What is BABA target price?

Alibaba Group Holding Ltd (NYSE:BABA)

The 45 analysts offering 12-month price forecasts for Alibaba Group Holding Ltd have a median target of 132.30, with a high estimate of 216.86 and a low estimate of 70.33. The median estimate represents a +75.33% increase from the last price of 75.46.

What sector is BABA in?

Consumer Discretionary

Is BABA traded in US?

ADR Stock Quote (U.S.: NYSE)

$ 75.86.

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How far will BABA stock fall?

The website’s algorithm-based analysis projected that the BABA share price could fall to $2.54 by the end of 2022.

Will BABA stock go up?

BABA Stock: Sluggish Ratings

The Stock Checkup tool quickly identifies group leaders based on a combination of fundamental and technical factors. Alibaba is expected to earn $7.28 a share in its current fiscal year 2023, down 12% compared to fiscal 2022. But growth is expected to pick up in 2024, up 11% to $8.05.

Is BABA a good buy 2022?

Is Alibaba Stock a good buy in 2022, according to Wall Street analysts? The consensus among 16 Wall Street analysts covering (NYSE: BABA) stock is to Strong Buy BABA stock.

Who has bought BABA stock?

Top 10 Owners of Alibaba Group Holding Ltd
StockholderStakeShares bought / sold
Temasek Holdings Pte Ltd. (Invest0.35%+127,000
Cr dit Agricole Corporate & Inves0.31%+7,971,164
JPMorgan Securities LLC (Investme0.25%+67,957
FIL Investment Advisors (UK) Ltd.0.25%-2,753,141

Why has BABA stock fallen?

Shares of Alibaba Group Holding (BABA -3.82%), a leading tech company in China, were sliding this morning on continued investor concerns that strict lockdowns in Shanghai and across China will hurt economic growth.

Is BABA more profitable than Amazon?

BABA is the top e-commerce platform in China by profit, while Amazon is #1 in the U.S. by revenue as well as profit.

Will Alibaba recover?

We gleaned that the revised estimates of Alibaba’s revenue growth are not significant from our previous update. Therefore, we postulate that the Street consensus largely concurs that the worst impact on Alibaba’s recovery momentum is likely over. Accordingly, the shape of the recovery through 2023 remains intact.

What happens if BABA is delisted?

Delisting won’t impact Alibaba’s business; the company will still operate the same regardless of where its shares trade. The added volatility of trading on the OTC markets isn’t for everyone, but if it comes to that point, Alibaba can still be a good investment for investors willing to take on the risk.

Do I get my money back if a stock is delisted?

Delisted companies often lose their reputation and gain a stigma for being unable to meet the requirements of the major exchanges. When a company delists voluntarily, stockholders will receive a cash buyout or shares in the new, acquiring company.

Does Goldman Sachs own BABA stock?


Goldman Sachs Group Inc ownership in BABA / Alibaba Group Holding Limited ADR.

SecurityBABA / Alibaba Group Holding Limited ADR
InstitutionGoldman Sachs Group Inc
Latest Disclosed Ownership24,902,794 shares
Latest Disclosed Value$ 1,991,974,000

Does BABA have debt?

Alibaba long term debt for 2021 was $20.714B, a 21.95% increase from 2020. Alibaba long term debt for 2020 was $16.986B, a 1.93% increase from 2019.

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Alibaba Annual Long Term Debt (Millions of US $)

Is BABA a good stock?

Valuation metrics show that Alibaba Group Holding Limited may be undervalued. Its Value Score of B indicates it would be a good pick for value investors. The financial health and growth prospects of BABA, demonstrate its potential to outperform the market. It currently has a Growth Score of C.

What is the weakness of Alibaba?

Weaknesses of Alibaba

Increase in counterfeit goods – China is known to produce counterfeit products in abundance.

How does BABA make money?

BABA’s high market share is its share of profit: it earns vastly higher profits than JD does because it doesn’t hold inventory. Its e-commerce revenue primarily comes from ads placed on its platform by third-party vendors, it does not assume the costs of holding vast quantities of inventory itself.

Who is bigger Amazon or Alibaba?

The “Amazon of China” is still a lot smaller than its American counterpart. Alibaba (BABA -3.82%) is often called the “Amazon (AMZN -0.77%) of China” because it’s the country’s largest e-commerce and cloud company. However, Alibaba is still a lot smaller than its American counterpart.

Is Alibaba like Amazon?

Key Takeaways. Amazon and Alibaba are both e-commerce giants operating largely without physical stores. Amazon dominates the American shopping space, while Alibaba does the same in China. Amazon sells products directly while also serving as an intermediary for other sellers, taking a cut of the sale.

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